How Can Tooth Extraction Help Me?

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Tooth extraction is an invasive treatment that is oftentimes left as a last-resort option. However, sometimes it’s necessary. The good news is that tooth extraction can benefit you in many ways! It’s true, otherwise your dentist, Dr. Michael S. Tseng, wouldn’t offer it at United Dental Group. To help you understand, our dental team would like to list the benefits involved with tooth extraction, which are:

-Tooth extraction can help you keep your surrounding teeth healthy and safe. This is because decay and infection tend to spread. If you don’t extract the tooth, the surrounding teeth could “catch” the problem.

-Tooth extraction can help with overcrowding problems in the mouth, which can help you prevent tooth misalignments and even dental problems. When the smile is overcrowded, the teeth tend to overlap. This causes tooth misalignments and make the teeth hard to clean. Then, the bacteria and plaque that reside on and around those teeth tend to start causing problems, like tooth decay and gum disease.

-Tooth extraction can relieve your pain and help you have a more functional smile. Once the problems are gone, you will be able to talk and eat normally once again!

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