The Best Smiles are Built with Composite Dental Fillings

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If you feel you are suffering from dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, it means harmful acids have eaten through your tooth enamel and caused a hole in your tooth that is known as a cavity. If left untreated, it will cause further damage to your smile. Through the use of a dental filling, you can remove the decayed material and fill in the cavity with a protective substance. A highly effective dental filling that can be used is a composite filling.

If you are need of a composite dental filling, it means that dental erosion has borne a hole into your tooth enamel. Through the use of composite filling, you can remove the decayed material and fill in the cavity with a tooth-colored material. Composite fillings can be color-matched to your natural teeth to provide an enhanced aesthetic for your smile. Composite fillings are free of the metallic gloss that comes with dental amalgams. Composite fillings are also better fillings of the margins then amalgams and are mercury-free. Composite fillings are also known for their durability as they can last 7 to 10 years and are extremely preventative to tooth fracture. Another key benefit of composite fillings is that they can be repaired many times over without ever having to remove the original filling.

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