What Should I Do After Oral Surgery?

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If you’re at a loss as to how to properly recover after oral surgery, our dentist, Dr. Michael S. Tseng, will be more than happy to help you. It’s very important to recover fully so you can restore your oral health and function. Unfortunately, there are mistakes you can make during the recovery process that can cause complications and inconveniences. To help you properly recover, our dentist encourages you to avoid doing the following:

-Don’t forget to rest. Resting is very important for recovery. Your dentist will tell you when you can resume your normal activities.

-Don’t brush your teeth after your surgery until your dentist advises you that it is safe to do so. Brushing can disturb the healing surgical site and cause pain, especially because the mouth is still very sensitive after treatment.

-Don’t forget to ice your jaw if recommended by your dentist. Icing can help reduce the pain and swelling, which can help you have an easier recovery.

-Your dentist may advise against you using a straw or eating hard foods. Those things could aggravate the surgical site and cause discomfort.

-Don’t forget to take the medication you have been prescribed, and follow your dentist’s recovery instructions. Pain medication can help you have an easier recovery and your dentist’s instructions can keep your mouth clean and healthy.

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